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  • Brand   VIDOsecurity
  • Type   VD-HS300
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 VD-HS300 Body Temperature Thermal Camera

The VD-HS300 portable Body Temperature Rapid Screening Thermal Camera is designed for mass screening of medium traffic public areas, and is used to find individuals with elevated body temperatures. As a group of people walk pass the camera, thermal images are displayed on the monitor. Body temperatures above a predefined value are displayed. Those individuals can then be diverted and further assessed by professionals. FIR-S300 is a portable version that maintains some of the key features of our Human Temperature Screening series. It uses a 384x288 sensitive thermal detector. This allows for easier/faster screening. The FIR-S300 is capable of evaluating hundreds of people per minute—pedestrian flow is not restricted. The VD-HS300 is ideal for mass temperature screening in medium traffic public areas : schools, office buildings, railway/subway stations, seaports, and other public facilities.

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