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  • Brand   VIDOsecurity
  • Type   VD-FD720A
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Forest Fire Detection and Alarm System

Based on the principle of non-contact infrared scanning  temperature  measurement,  the system is powered by solar energy or wind energy. It integrates infrared  optics,  image  processing and precision mechanical system. It can can collect, amplify, process and map the infrared radiation signal oriented from the fire through infrared detector. It also uses GPRS to  send fire location information to the monitoring center in real time, so that the fire can be eliminated in the embryonic stage. The system can provide all-weather, stable and reliable fire warning under different geographical and climatic conditions.  It can detect  1 m2 Fire and raise  the alarm .

The whole system is highly integrated, stable and reliable, with low cost and networking, which provides an effective solution for the new fire early warning and protection system.

1.System design advantages:

1. Optical mechanical structure design:

The optical system is designed with double axis swing mirror lens;

The mechanical system is stable and reliable, waterproof and dustproof;

Optical mechanical system has small vibration and long life;

The imaging quality hasis high resolution.. 2.Easy pPower supply module design:

Solar energy and wind energy are complementary to each other for power supply;

The charging voltage and current can be adjusted dynamically;

All weather & 24 hours system equipment power supply. 3.Signal acquisition module design:

The infrared detector module adopts HgCdTe photoelectric sensor with high reliability and stability;

The signal amplification module adopts low noise operational amplifier.

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